Client Testimonials

I just want to thank Mr. Gary Mann for his excellence service on my home inspection. Mr. Mann was very helpful and always was willing to answer my questions. Mr. Mann gave me a very informative and detailed home inspection that explained everything to me clearly. He was even willing to return to the house and we both walked through to make sure all the repairs was completed. He gave me great advice on my home maintenance and how to keep my house running smoothly. I will always be willing to refer all home buyers to get a home inspection through him. Mr Gary Mann's home inspection was a Great Service.
Clarissia Morgan Clarksville Tn

Outstanding, professional job. Gary treated the inspection like it was a home that he was going to purchase. He took the time and went into great detail during the inspection. The home inspection results not only showed areas that needed to be addressed, but alot of pertnant information about the home I was buying.
I would highly suggest his business to any person selling, buying, or renting a home!

B Premo  Carksville,TN

Gary performed a very thorough inspection for us. He was extremely accomodating to our schedule (we were buying a house from out of state). When we arrived in town, he was kind enough to come back to the house and go over the whole inspection with us in person.  We would definitely recommend Madison's Home Inspections to anyone and everyone.
R & L NOONAN  Clarksville, Tn

Madison's Home I nspection did an excellent job! Thanks for all your help and input. I will recommend Madison's Home Inspections to all my friends.
Blowers  Clarksville, TN

Gary Mann performed an inspection of a residential property for us on Friday, 8/22/08. He showed up on time and was very professional and respectful. We asked him to inspect all areas very thoroughly. He spent over 3 hours and went through every area of the property. Gary had no qualms about going into the attic and into the crawl space. The report we received was even more detailed than we expected. He really did a great job and we would highly recommend him to anyone. We thank him very much for his services.
M STRIEF  Waverly, TN

Gary was very professional and helpful for me as a first time home buyer. He was very thorough and I felt like the home inspection was worth every penny! He has also been very willing to answer any questions and to look at the house again if needed. I will definetly be recommending his services to others!
T CALLAN    Morton, IL

Although I was out of town during the inspection, I could tell by the report Mr. Mann sent me that his inspection was very thorough and professionally done. Mr. Mann was very easy to talk to and his suggestions and comments were very helpful. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a home inspection. Thanks Mr. Mann!
Scot Seamon   Hopkinsville, Ky

I really didn't expect to get the service Mr. Mann provided. He honestly searched through the home as if he was buying himself. I would recommend him to anyone I knew buying a home in the area. He even came back out twice after the inspection to make sure the repairs were done to our new construction home before closing. Now that's service!!
M. Rankins    Clarksville,TN

An exceptional job by a professional home inspector. Gary did a very thorough an accurate assessment of our future home. I felt confident after Gary's inspection that we were buying a quality home and wouldn't find any major faults following our purchase. Subsequently, many of the minor faults that he identified would never have been noticed by myself or my wife. Gary's inspection allowed us to quickly get the builder to remedy things prior to our move-in date. I also can't say enough about the punctuality of his report. The inspection was done during the day and by early evening I had a copy of the inspection report in my e-mail account. We were also provided with a color hard-copy presented in a three ring binder by our realtor. Gary also took personal initiative by providing us tips and recommendations on living in the local area, even answering an important question regarding our address by phone. I would highly recommend Gary Mann to any friends or family that will be moving into his area of responsibility. Thank you!
G & S Glasnapp
Clarksville, Tennessee

I'm a very satisfied customer. From the document I was provided with I believe the inspection was through. I appreciate the great customer service and time that my inspector took to give me the information I need in my home buying process.

J Lawson
Clarksville, Tn

Gary is an extremely professional, thorough, and friendly home inspector. He schedule was flexible, he arrived on time, and he took the extra time the point out things as he found them. His report was well organized and extremely helpful. It was clear and we had no questions. He even called to check up after he sent the report. We feel that we received an exceptional value for our money and would recommend Gary to anyone.

Kelsey Foster
Clarksville, TN

Let me start by saying in no way have Gary paid me or have me do this at all! the only thing het old me was if I wanted I can leave a comment on his work today 5 DEC 12. All I can say is wow! Was hesitant at first but if there's any for Gary, you can bet every single penny of your payment he's the real deal. He checked everything in this brand new home. Even though I googled if I needed a inspection on a new home it will show its a waste of money but it'll pay because who really knows what is wrong that you can't see or catch. Mr Gary is over 50 but was strapped a belt of lots of inspection tools and don't let his gray hair fool you, he climbed into the attic, crawled under the house, turned and used all appliances. Even walked me through his inspection and he will give you tips on how to take care or everything and even more. Gary is a PROFESSIONAL. Not only does he provide information to you and the builder to repair things that need attention, he makes a portfolio which he'll email you and make you a book for your records. Your home will have items that need attention and I promise you mr Gary will find it! Thank you mr Gary and its worth every penny he charges. You will be and feel safer and know your house is good to go afterwards which will not protect you and the builder. I HIGHLY recommend mr Gary and god honest truth, I would pay him again to check my every home I buy! overall A+++ on presentation,professionalism, friendliness, and much more. I can't tell you how great it was to know my builder also liked mr Gary and was happy I had an inspection on the house for it protected both of us on warranty part of the house. Look at Gary's other comments and reputation around clarksville and other areas and ask around. Not Many have had Gary's service but I promise you a great warm hearted man who is extremely good at his job and won't do you wrong. So next time your thinking should I have one done, have Mr Gary DO IT and pay for what will save your thousands later. God honest truth Gary did not make me say this and I want to thank you again sir for everything. My wife and baby thanks you for our perfect home which is not all good to go. God bless and may others trust you as I did! SSG NGUYEN

Gary, I just want to thank you again for all you've done for us. That's 2 home inspections now and then taking care of the radon testing. Right now I can't think of anything that you can do any better. David and I have learned a lot by observing your home inspections. We are both very pleased that you were able to inspect a home we were considering to buy, contingent on passing a home inspection with good marks before purchasing. Getting  a professinal home inspection done on that house saved us from purchasing it since fixing it up to be livable would have turned into a huge headache and costing more money than we have for all the repairs needed.  That enabled us to move on and purchase another house that isn't a fixer upper and now we have great peace of mind about the house after your home inspection on it. We were able to compile a short "to do" list from your inspection and report and we should have those small repairs done without too much hassel. We can't thank you enough for your professionalism and the knowledge you have about your work. As mentioned, I will have another home inspection done on our main residence in Clarksville once I get it uncluttered (just way too much stuff and a few things to fix up). We had an initial inspection done before we purchased in September of 2003 . So it's been a while.  Also, it may take me some time to schedule that home inspection since our priority is to get 222 Lakeshore Drive in Dover, TN in tip top shape. Can't thank you enough and we will definitiely be calling you back and recommending you to other folks to get their houses checked out by Gary Mann. Sincerely, Terri Lee 

We are very grateful to have had Gary Mann as our home inspector. As a first-time home buyer, I appreciate the time that Gary took to answer all of my questions and to explain things to me. Gary even welcomed me to call him in the future for any questions for as long as we own our home, and that impressed me the most. He is definitely a home inspector that I trust and will reccomend to my friends! Thank you Gary! You are both knowledgeable and thorough and did an excellent job on our home inspection! Blessings to you and yours! Autumn Ashland City, TN

Just wanted to thank you for helping me meet the timeline for my housing inspection, I am very pleased with the time and care you put into the inspection. I will recommend you to my fellow Soldiers as a thorough inspection.
Thank you again
SSG Nicholas

Mr. Mann provided excellent service. His meticulous attention to detail reassured me that my new home is in good condition. He also took the time to explain his findings and provided helpful tips on preventive maintenance. I really appreciate his conscientious and friendly service. Thank you!

Your promptness, thoroughness, and professionalism are greatly appreciated. I would and will recommend you to anyone I know looking to purchase or do any major construction on their home. Thank you

I highly recommend Gary Mann to perform a home inspection! His expertise and professionalism is the best in the area. He's personable and was flexible with our schedule to meet our needs. He is also proficient in dewinterizing a home to be inspected. Gary and his assistant Mark performed a very through inspection of the home we purchased this past winter. Answered my endless questions and provided me insight in maintaining a home. Their honesty was refreshing and felt really comfortable in their presence. I felt more confident in purchasing our home after it being inspected by Madison's Home Inspections. He's the real deal! Thank you, Gary and Mark :) Jean

Gary was amazing! Fast, friendly, affordable, and thorough. His report was ready in under 24 hours and now I feel good about the home I'm purchasing. HIGHLY recommend this guy!                  

Excellent Service!! My wife and I were first time home buyers and super nervous of our inspection results. I called Gary Mann and he completely reviewed the entire report with me until he answered every single one of my questions regarding the reports results. He even gave me a "how to" on fixing some things and the ideal price to have things fixed. Gary also gave me several tips and tricks to ensure the life of our future home. Great man and great service. We will be utilizing his services in the future as well! James Bradley